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Concept Art

Original Character Designs
*Original character outlines: Noah (top row, middle) was originally drawn with a beanie, but it was removed from later versions. You
should also notice that Taiin (bottom row, middle) looks much different in concept art.
*Noah's model w/o beanie: Caller jokingly included a male/male smybol on Noah's shirt as revenge for removel of the beanie.
*Ashley model 1: Ashley's model in particular went through several changes before we were satisfied.
*Ashley model 2: Rainbows removed, bow repoisitioned.
*Ashley model 3: Close to final design but with blue instead of red on shirt.
*Ashley model 4: Designs were changed to red and added to skirt.
*Taiin Remodeled: Before coloring him, Caller decided to remodel Taiin's character. You can also see to Taiin's right that Caller has
begun Bal's line art and erased pencil markings/rough outlines on all characters.
*Character Poses: All characters designs have been completed.

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