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Other Stuff

Concept Art/Scrapped Scripts

Things related to both the comic and the site that were either scrapped in the end or the base of something much better. These include comic layouts, characters, graphics, site layouts, scripts, and more -- definitely worth a look!


Avatars, signatures, AIM icons, wallpapers, printable artwork, e-cards, and more -- you'll find all downloads here!

The Hunt for the Hidden Page

The hidden page is relocated frequently and you'll have to use a single clue to find it each time. The first few people to find it will win interesting prizes such as inclusion in scripts, temporary forum groups, and more -- you've gotta be quick to find it on time!

Making of: "Don't Bother"

Behind the scenes looks at how the comic is made -- everything from jotting down thoughts and scripting them to drawing them out and publishing! See how we come up with our ideas, how we go about bringing them to life, and how long it takes us!

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